Services and Costs


Antenatal Classes:   £180.00 per couple


If this is your first baby then these classes are ideal! Four fun, interactive parent education classes conducted in a supportive learning environment. This also includes continuous midwifery support during your journey with us and the provision of lesson material.Please see the information under the 'Antenatal Class' tab for details of information covered. Regarding face to face teaching, we have put in place numerous safety measures in view of the current COVID-19 pandemic so you can be rest assurred that you will be kept safe during your time with us. 


NB: In the current climate of Covid-19, face to face classes may be required to move on line as per government restrictions. We have successfully taught our antenatal classes during the pandemic using ZOOM technology, during March and June of 2020. We also arranged socially distanced meet ups to allow our couples to meet and get to know each other in leiu of face to face teaching. If your face to face class is required to move on line, this will be provided at a reduced cost of £144 but still will include our whole range of teaching and our wonderful support service. 



Refresher Course:   £50.00 


If you just need a quick refresher course then this one-hour session is perfect for you. This will provide you with an update on all things labour, birth and the latest advice on baby care. If you wish, this session can be provided as a two-hour session for a further £50.00. 


One to one birth planning:   £50.00


This one-hour session will provide you with dedicated, one to one midwifery support to help you plan your labour and birth. We will spend time discussing your preferences and needs with practical advice on helping you achieve the right birth for you. 


One to one postnatal debrief:    £85.00


This two-hour session with us will provide you time to debrief your experiences within a structured, safe environment. We are there to help answer any questions you may have or if you feel the birth of your next baby may be impacted, then we will support you in understanding what your future choices may be. 


Vaginal birth after caesarean section session:    £85.00


If you have already had a previous baby by caesarean section and need support in understanding how this may impact on the birth of your baby, then this session is ideal. This is a two hour session where a supportive debrief is then followed by a practical element of constructing a birth plan to meet your needs whatever they may be. 


We also hire TENS machines and sell 'Latent Phase Labour' bags which are perfect companions for labour and birth- please call or email us for further information.