Antenatal Classes


We offer four, two-hour classes covering preparation for labour, labour and birth, and the immediate postnatal period


Class One

Here we get to know each other! We will discuss the core subjects we will cover and establish if there is anything else the group would like considered. We kick off with late pregnancy and early labour, using hands on techniques such as massage, optimal fetal positioning and hypnobirthing tasters.


Class Two

The focus here are the stages of labour and birth. This includes coping mechanisms and discussion of both pharmacological and natural pain relief for labour and birth. An interaction session which arms you with the essential tools you need!


Class Three

Here we spend some time discussing what to expect when labour and birth deviate from the normal. We can help you write your birth plan and wishes ready for labour. 


Class Four

 For your final class, we focus on the fourth trimester know as the postnatal period! Here we will be focusing on infant feeding alongside giving valuable, practical advice on the care of your newborn baby and top tips for parenthood! 


Class Five 

The very special reunion - an opportunity for us all to meet following the birth of your baby! 


        We advise undertaking these classes when you are between 26-32 weeks



All classes are fun, interactive and provide teaching within a supportive environment. Refreshments are provided free of charge and include hot and cold drinks and delicious homemade cakes.